Theresa (57)

I want to thank you for your help, showing me how to overcome the angina pain I had been having for over a year. My medication was reducing the pain but not fixing anything. It was beginning to really effect my daily life. Now it's gone. It's miraculous, seeing as the angina was getting progressively worse. I was a candidate for surgery for sure. Thank you again!

Peter (65)

Due to severe heart problems I was forced out of the working life into early retirement. (I have had 4 Heart Attacks, 7 Angiograms and 6 Bypasses over the last 18 Years not to mention many, many trips to the Hospital due to many heavy angina attacks. Recently my health took a turn for the worse and I started to have all sorts of complications which took a very big toll on my family and my well being.

Since taking these products I have rolled the clock back at least 30 years in my mental and physical capacity, energy and outlook and even amazed my General Practitioner (who has no time for Natural Products. I have also done away with many of my prescription drugs).

I am reminded that statics say that for 58% of people who have a heart attack their first warning sign is Death. My only Question is why was I not introduced to the products years ago?

Winston (67)

My first bout with heart disease, an angina attack, came in 1987 at 43 years of age. My blood pressure has always been in the high range and during this first angina attack it was up around 200/90. Then in 1990 I had a heart attack that was initially mis-diagnosed as angina but later revealed heart damage.

For the next 20 years my life was characterized by debilitating cardiovascular illness with three more heart attacks in 1993, 1999, and 2006. I suffered angina attacks on an ongoing basis up to 3-4 times daily. I underwent a total of eight invasive angiograms, and suffered debilitating joint pain in my legs. I experienced a steady decline in his energy level from the time of my third heart attack after which I underwent a sextuple bypass surgery. At the end of this I was left bed-ridden ninety-percent of the time. Except for walks to the bathroom, a power scooter was my primary means of mobility. By 2009, I had spent close to a year of my life in hospitals.

My regimen of medication did little to improve my condition. At its worst, my daily medical diet composed of 2 beta-blockers, 2 blood pressure medications, blood thinners, statins, stomach acid absorbers, pain killers, pills for nerves, for depression, a tablet to bloat-up arteries, nitro-glycerin for angina attacks, and a medication for excess body fluid. Many of these medications were taken 2 times per day.

Despite this I always maintained hope. I never stopped looking for an alternative to surgeries and medications. I always dreamed of finding an alternative to what I seemed to be continually enduring. I never gave up.

I now enjoy good health, play cricket and football with my children, and enjoy gardening and cutting wood with ease. I have done a lot of physical work around my new home that I couldn't have even dreamed about before starting on the therapy.

The extreme cartilage problems in my knees, suffered from rolling a tractor over myself some 40 years ago, have gone! I can actually run up and down stairs which was just unheard of for years.

I have reduced my medications from approximately 30+ drugs down to 3 heart tablets daily.

My family and friends are amazed at this "NEW" younger man.

George (81)

I am almost eighty-two years old. When I was sixy one I had a double bypass. I thought I was safe but I needed another four at seventy-five. Six months ago my angina pain was back and getting worse. My cardiologist said he was considering another angiogram to see how bad my arteries were but also said I may be too old for another operation. That's when I followed your example and started on your program. I am now completely clear of angina pain and walk and live normally. I didn't have the angiogram. What for?

Trevor (53)

My father died at 42 of a heart attack and I thought I was different because I had made it into my fifties with good health. Just recently, I began to notice that I couldn't walk as far or as fast as usual and I was tired all the time, then I began to fear the worst. I had an angiogram and ended up with two stents but they both blocked within a few months when my body rejected them. I was looking to have bypass surgery within a couple of months but then started your program. By the time I went for another check up closer to the surgery date, I was feeling so much better that I asked if they would put the operation off for a while so I could see how I would go. I have improved dramatically, I still have the occasional off day but I am now nearly back to normal, without having to have to suffer from heart bypass surgery. Thank you.

Sylvia (61)

When I had my first of three small heart attacks I didn't think much about it as I thought I'd just have a little operation to fix it. As I looked into how bypass surgery is done I began to get worried. That's when I remembered a friend who had fixed herself so I asked her what she did. That's how I found you. The rest is history. No more heart pain, or heart attacks. I just keep up a preventative dose and figure that when I go, it will not be from heart disease.

Stephen (55)

I was amazed that my cardiologist recommended that I have an angiogram when I have a rare condition that would mean the likelihood of surviving it would be extremely slight. He justified his response with, "Well, it's still the only way of knowing how really blocked your artery system is." I was angry. My heart pain was so severe I could hardly walk. I had to find another way other than surgery because it would more than likely kill me. I admit I was suspicious of your program as I had tried everything else I could find, with poor to medium results. However, I am excited to say, that after 10 months on your program, I feel so much better and making steady progress. I took the large dose for about four months and then began slowly cutting back, as I improved. I am certain I would not be alive today without it.

Trevor (54)

You will be interested to know that these products have had nothing short of a miraculous effect on me. A while ago I had a heart attack. My consultant cardiologist at the hospital told me I had three more years to live at the absolute maximum. My right coronary artery was completely blocked and he didn't want to operate in case the clot went somewhere else when it was dislodged. According to the angiogram the rest of my major arteries were blocked by factors of between seventy and ninety two percent.

I started the therapy shortly afterwards — against the advice of my consultant. Well, I'm now fitter and healthier than I was even ten years ago. I power walk four miles a day and I completed an FA coaching badge course recently that saw me play SIX thirty minute games of football against a load of twenty one year olds on one single Saturday! The twenty one year olds were complaining of leg cramps afterwards. I was fine. Way to go!

Suzanne (51)

I suffered from:

Chronic Fatigue/Multiple Chemical Disorder type symptoms: fatigue, lack of energy, enthusiasm and motivation.

Severe reactions to chemical substances and perfumes - nausea, headaches, foggy brain.

Reaction to foods - joint pain, puffy hands, redness and swelling of the joints of fingers on eating certain foods. [Deadly nightshade group; potato, capsicum, eggplant] and Red Wine.

I had also developed an allergy to all dairy products; just the tiniest amount of cheese would trigger a massive sinus type headache that would last up to a week.

Everything was a major effort.

These things had crept up on me insidiously over a number of years. Prior to this I had always been energetic; I have worked business all my life, have always been enthusiastic and highly motivated. I had always been ‘health conscious'.

For years I had tried everything out there to get back to ‘normal' but could not get on top of it.

The first thing I experienced after beginning the therapy was, within days, a lift in my energy and I felt brighter in myself. Within six weeks I was feeling much stronger… I developed what I describe as an inner core of strength. I felt motivated. The ‘flare ups' I had been having on the joints of my fingers by week six had stopped occurring.

I had issues with foggy brain and had difficulty focusing. Around week nine I was no longer dealing with these issues. I felt my brain was firing again.

Glenn (63)

Glenn has had a triple by-pass operation, seven stents and a heart attack since 2000. He was taking medicine for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, reflux, heartburn, stents and chest pain. He was unable to even go out to the mailbox without severe chest pain. After a year of being restricted to his Lazy-boy a neighbor introduced him to L- L‑arginine/L‑citrulline and five weeks later he could do any activity he wanted. Now Glenn is off all 6 of his medications.

Gavin (51)

Heart disease, high blood pressure and heart disease is everywhere in my family history. My father died at 62, grandfather at 66, uncle at 57 and my cousin at 49. My blood pressure was 150/90 and I was not doing well. L‑arginine/L‑citrulline changed my life. I recently took the Maps Anaerobic Test and it said I had the circulation of a 17 year old.

Sam (63)

I have been using the process for the last 5 months.

Initially I went through a detox phase for a few days and then it started to give me lots of energy and my mind started to get clearer and I felt a lot more relaxed and I was able to sleep better.

My constipation problem soon went away and it also solved my problems with haemorrhoids.

I had migraine headache since I was a kid and I have seen many doctors and allergy specialist and had done CT Scan on my head and nothing could help me until I started this. Now I hardly worry about it anymore.

I have mitral valve prolapse condition and I always had frequent chest pains and there was one night that I had to go to the Hospital in an ambulance to undergo intensive observation for 2 nights with all kinds of tests done on me. I have been to 2 cardiologists and they told me nothing could be done and I have to live with it. But now I don't have any more chest pain.

This has also helped me solving my IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and acid reflux problems.

I have also been diagnosed with BHP (Prostate Enlargement). I had biopsies done by a urologist back in 2001 and since then I have been suffering from incontinence and urgency to go to the toilet. I have regained control of my urinary functions.

I gave up playing badminton 3 years ago due to a tear in my right shoulder tendon and my bad knees. I have tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and various massage and ointments. Nothing could help me. My doctor wanted to give me a cortisone injection, which I refused. After being on the program for slightly more than a month I felt good in my shoulder and my knees and I started playing badminton again. My friends at the court noticed the improvement in my strength, stamina, agility and the overall improvement in my game.

I have also lost some weight and body fat especially around the waist (spare tyre) and my skin condition has improved. It is more supple, smoother and shinier.

I have not only been helped in my physical condition but mentally as well with more clarity, improved memory, and ability to focus. I am more relaxed and I have less stress now. In short it has rejuvenated my body and mind to make me physically and mentally strong and I am living a very much better quality of life.

Kathy (49)

Restless Leg Syndrome, DHEA, Diabetic. L‑arginine/L- citrulline cured my Restless Leg syndrome after living with it since I was a child. I had my blood chemistry done and found that I am producing DHEA like a 21 year old. I am also Diabetic and with L‑arginine/L‑citrulline my blood work has become ideal.

George (83)

I'm 83 and have had Macular Degeneration for some time. After my eye appointment on October 24, 2008 I began taking L‑arginine/L‑citrulline. At my next eye appointment on November 21st the Macular Degeneration had regressed. I am seeing better every day.

Rick (62)

16 years ago I had quintuplet bypass surgery. Since then I've had 4 heart attacks, five stents that blocked and almost died with my last heart attack when they wanted to do urgent bypass surgery. I refused it and chose to take L‑arginine/L‑citrulline instead. So glad I did. I became symptom free within a few months. Another angiogram a few months later showed I no longer had any heart disease at all. I can now handle as much physical exercise and stress as I could 40 years ago. I'm in my early 60s now.