My name is Rick Morse — I have:

  • had quintuple (5-way) heart bypass surgery,
  • flatlined 3 times in Intensive Care,
  • 8-9 years later survived another 4 heart attacks over 18 months,
  • had 5 stents inserted during this period (all of them re-blocked).

after the last heart attack, been rushed to hospital and told 1/2 my heart was 'frozen solid as a brick' and needed immediate heart bypass surgery (this time quadruple). My surgeon was doubtful he could get a successful outcome, but immediate surgery was my only (slim) option.

After careful consideration, I checked myself out of hospital without the operation.

I had a plan.

I not only survived, but reversed my cardiovascular disease—in months, not years—and now live an extremely active life, effectively cardiovascular disease FREE.

What I achieved:

  • Cleared my arteries,
  • Increased their flexibility,
  • Reversed their effective biological age,
  • Ceased my angina and heart attacks,
  • Assisted virtually every organ and system of my body to be healthier, and
  • Saved my own life.

I'm not claiming this is a cure-all for anyone. But plenty of people around the world are achieving very similar results. Do the research and see for yourself.

My Two Angiograms taken 11 months apart:

Nov 2009

Everything BLOCKED

Close to death, not expected to live over 24 hours without more bypass surgery…

Oct 2010

Everything CLEAR

Back to a normal life in every way without any surgery

L‑arginine saved my life!

When I was in hospital being examined before the imminent 4-way bypass operation (the one I chose not to have), the surgeon couldn’t find any veins or arteries to use in the surgery that weren’t badly compromised. He said he would have to go ahead anyway because I would not survive otherwise. My cardiologist later told me I had the heart of a 90+ year old with barely 24hrs to live.

Luckily, L‑arginine was already in my sights…

I had just found L‑arginine and had some delivered only the day before I was rushed to hospital during the heart attack but hadn’t yet used any.

I check out of hospital without the operation and went home to start taking significant amounts of L‑arginine.

Within weeks I was walking around almost painlessly (I had struggled to cross the room before). In only a couple of months I was capable of fairly intense physical exertion. After eleven months, by request of the surgeon, I had another angiogram. He was dumb-founded by the results! (See the 2nd angiogram picture above).

With a look of total amazement and bewilderment he exclaimed I didn’t need an operation, that he had never seen anyone reverse their CVD in all his 35 year career as a surgeon, and that I was a ‘Miracle Man’.

That was around six years ago and I’ve only been getting better every year since.

Cardiology echocardiogram tests show I now have the heart of a 20-year-old.